Travel around Greece

Duration: 8 days

Travel around Greece

Duration: 8 days


If you have more than one week in Greece this tour gives you the chance to discover every beauty of Greece. Travel to historical regions and admire the natural scenery. Start your tour from Peloponnese and continue with the navel of Greece, Delphi and Meteora.


  • Canal of Corinth
  • Odontotos train to Kalavrita
  • Limnes Caves
  • Monastery Agia Lavra
  • Temple of Apollo
  • Ancient Corinth Agora
  • Saint Paul’s Step
  • Archaeological Site of Ancient Corinth
  • Archaeological Site of Delphi
  • Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth
  • Mycenae Archaeological Site
  • Lions Gate
  • Cyclopean Walls
  • Mycenae Archaeological Museum
  • Treasury of Atreas also known as the Tomb of King Agamemnon
  • City of Nafplion, the first Capital of modern Greece
  • Archaeological Site of Epidaurus
  • Theater of Epidaurus
  • The city of Sparta
  • Museum of Olive
  • The breathtaking city of Mystras
  • The Byzantine Castle with its renowned Byzantine churches
  • Monemvasia
  • Archaeological Site of Olympia
  • Temple of Zeus
  • Temple of Hera
  • The Stadium
  • Archaeological Museum of Olympia
  • Famous statue of Hermes of Praxiteles
  • Vassae
  • Archaeological museum of Delphi
  • Temple of Epicurius Apollo
  • Meteora, the largest complexes of monasteries in Greece
  • Undeniably sublime and breathtaking scenery
  • Beautifully formed natural trails
  • St. Stephen’s Nunnery
  • Great Meteoron Monastery
  • Roussanou Monastery
  • Holy Trinity Monastery
  • Varlaam Monastery
  • St. Nikolaos Anapafsas Monastery
  • Varlaam Monastery
  • St. Nikolaos Anapafsas Monastery
  • Thermopylae

We can customize this tour to your needs.
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Day 1

Your driver will meet you at your accommodation. You will be driven to Peloponnese and you will have the chance to enjoy the scenery. We will do our first stop at the engineering marvel Corinth Canal. After our 15minute stop for some pictures and a break for coffee we will continue our ride through the winding country local roads.

Then we will reach at the most spectacular rack and pinion rail trips, Diakofto, to enjoy the Odontotos train straight to Kalavrita. During the route, you should enjoy the beauty of nature while crossing the gorge of Vouraikos and many picturesque villages. You will admire one of the most beautiful natural sights in Greece.

Continue with a visit to the historic monastery of Agia Lavra, which was built in the 10th century and became the center of the national liberation fight of the Greek people.

We will spend our night at Kalavrita, a picturesque mountainous village. Enjoy the local products and the beautiful scenery of this mountainous village.

Overnight in Kalavrita.

Day 2

We will start our day with a visit to the Ancient Corinth. Ancient Corinth was a powerful and strategic center where numerous historic, cultural and religious events have taken place.

You will admire the doric Temple of Apollo with its monolithic columns that is one of the oldest temples in Greece dating back to the 6th century B.C. For the Christians, Corinth is also a place of great importance since St. Paul gave his Speech in the center of the Ancient Agora on the renowned Bema.

During our tour you will also find the spring of Glauke, the fountain of Pinene and discover the myths hidden behind their waters, the market place, the theater, the Odeon and several other Roman buildings while at the same time gaining an in depth understanding of the city’s prominence.

The Archaeological Museum is of great interest since it is a great introductory to the famous Corinthian pottery and Mosaic Art.You can spend 1,5hr to explore the Archaeological Site of Ancient Corinth and its Museum.

We are leaving Corinth for our next stop Mycenae. Explore Mycenae and learn everything about the Trojan War. When you arrive, you will see the imposing Lions Gate and you will observe the Cyclopean walls, that are believed to have been erected by the mythical creatures Cyclops.

Next, we will visit the Archaeological Museum of Mycenae, where you can see very important exhibits of the everyday life. We can’t leave without visit the Treasury of Atreas. It’s also known as the tomb of Agamemnon. We will stay there fot 30min. If you want, you can take a break for lunch.

After the break we will continue our ride to reach the Archaeological Site of Epidavros. Epidaurus is the birthplace of God Asclepios, the God of Health and his sanctuary. This place is very famous for its theater and especially for its accoustics. After 1,5 hour, we will start for our last stop Nafplion. Nafplion is a beautiful seaport town in the Peloponnese.

Overnight in Nafplion.

Day 3

Next morning wake up in Nafplion. We will have some time to explore the city and visit the most importants sights such as the Castle of Palamidi and the Castle of Acronafplia. Then, we will start our ride for Sparta.

After, 2 hours we will reach Sparta, one of the most significant cities of the Antiquity. You will have the choice to visit the Museum of Olive and learn the history of the Olive Cultivation. When you are in Sparta, you must visit the Tomb of the great King Leonidas. King Leonidas, was a great warrior and is famous for his spunk.

Next, you will have the chance to visit an amazing ancient town, Mystras. Explore this byzantine town with its castle, which has been declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Monument and the churches and learn everything about its history.

This day ends with a traditional lunch at Sparta. Overnight in Sparta.

Day 4

The next morning we will visit the beautiful Monemvasia. Then, it’s time for a unique experience. You will have the chance to visit the water caves of Diros. This place is like a miracle of nature. Explore all its beauty and capture the moments. You will have the chance to learn interesting information about stalagmites and stalactites during your trip. On your boat, you can observe and admire the great nature.

Overnight in Monemvasia.

Day 5

Our next stop is Vasses. We will make a stop to relax, visit the Temple of Epicurius Apollo and enjoy the region.

After 2 hours driving we can start our exploration to Olympia. The beauty of this place is unbeatable. Ancient Olympia was the most important sanctuary in the ancient times. Also, Olympia is the birthplace of the Olympic Games. Olympic Games started in 776B.C in honor of God Zeus.

There, you can enjoy the ruins of the Temple of Zeus, the Temple of Hera and the Stadium with its spectacular capacity of 45000 people. After this exploration, you can visit the Museum and see the famous statue of Hermes.

Overnight in Olympia.

Day 6

After Olympia, we will depart to Delphi. Before we reach we will take a break for lunch at the amazing town of Nafpaktos.

Then, we will arrive to the navel of the world, Delphi.

Delphi was the most important sanctuary dedicated to God Apollo. There, Pythia, the priestess of the Sanctuary, gave her advice. Due to this, Delphi was a cultural center, where many people sended donations resulted in the creation of a local treasury.

Explore around end see the Temple of Apollo, the sanctuary of Athena Pronaia with the renowned Tholos, the Castalia Spring, the Temple of Apollo, the Great ancient theater and the stadium, where the so called Pythian Games.

It has many interesting to visit the archaeological museum of Delphi. You will have the chance to admire the famous statue of Antinoos and the unique bronze statue of the Charioteer dated from 475 B.C.

Overnight in Delphi.

Day 7

It’s time to visit Meteora. You can enjoy the greek countryside and the amazing natural scenery during our ride.

After 3,5 hours, we will reach Meteora, a protected site on the UNESCO World Heritage List. When you visit this region, you will travel back in time to the dark ages. This place is ideal for history, natural and culture’s lovers. You will have the chance to visit 3 monasteries and enjoy a walk among the beautifully formed natural trails.

Overnight in Meteora.

Day 8

Our last days we will continue our visit to Meteora and then you can enjoy a meal in a traditional restaurant.

Before we return, you will have the chance to visit the historical place of Thermopylae. The Thermopylae’s Innovative Centre of Historical Information” will inform you about the battlefield.

Last stop Kamena Vourla, where you can eat fresh fish and taste the greek cousine.

At the end, your driver will take you back to your accommodation.



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There are a few things that are useful for you to know before participating in one of our tours:

  • Comfortable clothing and sensible, flat-soled walking shoes are recommended for most locations. Sun glasses, a hat and sun screen are also suggested since the Mediterranean sun is extremely hot during the summer months.
  • Photography is permitted in almost every site throughout the tours and if it is prohibited you will be informed beforehand.
  • Local currency (euros) might be needed in order to pay at the spot small entrance fees and small expenses.
  • In case one of our guests has some special needs, is under certain medication or has a limited walking endurance you can let us know during the organization of your customized tour and we will make sure that small breaks are incorporated into your itinerary.
  • Also it is suggested that you bring with you a small bottle of water or something small to eat in case you need to during the tour.
  • Furthermore if an individual has advanced accessibility needs you can let us know and allow us to customize the tour to fit your needs.

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