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Samantha Kelley, USA January 2012

female-personDear Dennis,

Our cruise ship docked in Piraeus and the group of 6 that I was with wanted to find a way to get to Athens together. Your driver approached us and told us he could get us to Athens and show us all the sights without having to split up our group. He promised us a reasonable price for our fare, and was very polite. The tour was amazing, way more than we thought it would be. He took us to see all the sights that are popular and explained the importance to us. We had plenty of time to take pictures and look around. The best part for us was probably being on the track of the older Olympic stadium. We will never forget that. This tour was by far the best we had during our two week trip overseas. We wanted to see the sights of Athens that day yet also be safe. Your driver gave us the best of both. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.



M: +30 6944294320