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Melissa Tran, Calgary, Canada JUL 2009 Tran

female-personWe hired Dennis from Athens Limousine Services to take us around Athens when we stopped in for a day from our cruise ship. My whole family agrees that this was the best day of our trip. Dennis’ vehicle was very nice and clean and he was very helpful getting us in and out each time as we had a baby stroller to deal with. Dennis custom made a tour with exactly what we wanted to do and helped us decide which sights to see first and which would be best to do later in the day. At one point we also needed to buy diapers and baby food and Dennis was so helpful in taking us somewhere to find those necessities.

We went to see the canal first and Dennis was very good at managing our time to keep us on track for the day. Then we went to Corinth and had just the right amount of time there. Dennis was always waiting for us at the exact place and time we had agreed upon. For lunch he took us to an amazing Greek restaurant. We weren’t sure what to order so Dennis picked out some great choices for us. Everything was absolutely delicious! It was one of the best meals we had on our whole trip. Dennis ensured that we had excellent service at the restaurant and that we had whatever we needed. He then took us to see the changing of the guards at one of the royal buildings. We had a very up close and personal view of this neat experience! He knew exactly what time to have us there and where we should stand. It was not crowded at all because he took us to a place other than that where all the big tours and crowds of people would be.

Later we went to the Plaka and had some time to shop around in there. We also went to the Acropolis later when the crowds were smaller and it was an amazing place to visit. Throughout the whole day Dennis was an excellent tour guide. He did not just drive to each place, but gave us very important and interesting information all along the way. He also made sure to drive by places of interest that would be good to see and he was very knowledgeable about each place. We drove to an amazing viewpoint of the city that was incredible to see. All in all, we had an excellent day and we are so glad we hired Dennis instead of taking a large tour offered by our ship.



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