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Liz Shibley, Canada, May 2011

female-personWow! We had an incredible tour with your guide Costas! Travelling with my sister and 85 year old mother who uses both a cane and wheelchair at times, we couldn’t have been better taken care of. While there was a bit of a snag at the start of our day, we were so impressed with how you treated us. As you know, when we got off the cruise ship, our driver/guide was not at the meeting location. Because we were 10 minutes early, I wasn’t concerned, however the gentleman who works at the port facility, generally making sure tourists are guided to buses and taxis, quickly approached us and enquired if there was a problem. Another gentleman,(from another company no less!) also came to our aid and offered to call your company to straighten things out. A couple of quick phone calls with your office and we were informed that another driver (Costas) was on the way, as there had been a last minute problem with the original driver. Amazingly, Costas showed up to take us to his car. We were no later than 15 minutes from our originally reserved time! We were all astounded with how well we were taken care of by everyone. Later in the day, Costas also informed us that we had an additional complimentary hour of touring to make up for the delay! We were left with such a ppositive impression, not only of tourism in Greece, but particularly of your company. We proceeded to have a most lovely day, learning so much from Costas and being treated with such friendliness and courtesy. We were particularly happy with how our mother was so attended to. Everyone in the tourism industry worldwide, should take a lesson from you and your employees!!

Thanks again


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