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Leisure Trip to Thermopylae


  • The reference list of what you will see and experience during the Leisure Trip to Thermopylae includes but is not limited to:

    • The battlefield of Thermopylae
    • “Thermopylae’s Innovative Centre of Historical Information”
    • Monument of King Leonidas
    • Swimming at the hot sulphur springs
    • Sea Side village of Kamena Vourla for lunch break
  • Meet your chauffeur in the lobby of your accomodation for your Leisure Thermopylae Day Trip.

    We will drive to the north to reach Thermopylae.

    Lay back in our luxurious and comfortable Mercedes Benz vehicles and enjoy the scenic drive for the next 2hours till we will reach Thermopylae.

    On the way, hear intriguing stories about the battle of Marathon and the Greek-Persian War. Legends and reality merge and help us narrate the lives of the Greek heroes that became famous worldwide for their strategic skills, ingenious ways and courageous character.

    Thermopylae , the name of the place in Greece where a narrow coastal passage used to exist in antiquity. The names comes from the hot sulphur springs that exist nearby. Termopylae means Hot Gates in Greek is “the place of hot springs”.

    There, the great Spartan King Leonidas with a small Greek force defended Attica and Boeotia against the southward advance of Xerxes’ Persian army.

    The unprecedented courage of the 300 Spartans and King Leonidas ensured the fate of civilization by stopping the Persian onslaught during one of the greatest battles of all time making the Battle of Thermopylae become the most celebrated in history and literature as an example of heroic resistance against great odds.

    “Thermopylae’s Innovative Centre of Historical Information” is a must see on the spot to help the visitor understand the morphology of the ground and the narrow passage of the battlefield, that due to erosion has changed.

    After our visit to the battlefield we will have the chance to detoxify ourselves and go for swimming in the Hot Springs.

    The water is steadily 40oC all year round and is ideal for the treatment of rheumatic, gynecological diseases and peripheral nerves. Since 1935 the Hot Springs of Thermopylae has been operating as an organized spa resort.

    Treat yourself and let The hot spring detoxifies and oxygenates the body, regulates pressure, dilates the blood vessels, relaxes the muscles, clears the lungs, strengthens the bones and relaxes the nervous system

    After spending about 2hours at the hot springs we suggest to have a break for a lunch at Kamena Vourla, a good place for see food in a traditional tavern under the shade of trees next to the sea.

    After your lunch we will head back to Athens.


This tour takes you to Thermopylae, which in Greek means “the place of the hot springs” and gives its name to the battlefield where the Spartan King Leonidas with his small force gave their defensive fight agaist the Persians. Explore with this tour the battlefield of Thermopylae and then enjoy the relaxation that the hot springs can offer you nearby.

Duration approx. 8hrs

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