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Jeannette Scully, USA, May 2011

female-personHi Dionisis

Our trip was safe, memorable and long. It’s been very busy since I’ve been home and I was ready to come home. Twenty one days is a long time to be away. The Grandchildren told me I couldn’t go on any more vacations. I’m Blessed to be loved like that. We all had a wonderful trip. The arrangements you made for us in both Katakolon/Olympia and Athens were wonderful. You guided us through Athens and Corinth in 2004, Yet you managed to show me new sights and give me a whole new experience on this 2011 visit.

We enjoyed the morning at the original Olympian site and visited the museum afterwards. We had lunch on the harbor in Katakalon before returning to our ship. So picturesque!!!

Our guide, Effie, that you arranged to accompany us, was so knowledgeable and entrusted. She was also funny and very caring; relating to us seniors so well. The two of you made a great team. We all felt so fortunate in having you both with us. The Acropolis, of course, is the must see of Athens. But having Effie with us, made the experience even grander.Your new museum should now be a must for everyone visiting Athens. Thank you for the tour of your city and for bringing us to see the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider. The history and cultural commentary given by you and Effie as we drove about was very informative. We all loved going up the hill where St Georges Church is, and looking back over the city of Athens and the Acropolis. Thank you for our wonderful lunch experience and for taking us to the bakery—a great treat—A wonderful ending to a wonderful day.

All in all, you helped us go home with fabulous memories. I can’t thank you enough. Keep up the good work. Bringing joy to people is a great gift and you have that gift.



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