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Byzantine Athens Tour

  • The reference list of what you will see and experience during the Byzantine Athens walking tour includes but is not limited to:

    • Byzantine Museum
    • Church of Old Metropolis
    • Church of New Metropolis of Athens
    • Kapnikarea Church
    • Pantanassa Church
    • Flea Market
    • Church of Ayioi Asomatoi
  • This private walking tour is especially designed as an exceptional introduction to Athens in the Byzantine Period (330 AD – 1453AD) combined with the Christian spreading that followed.

    The first part of the tour starts with a walk through the halls of the beautiful Byzantine Museum of Athens. This museum is particularly renowned for its intricate collection of Byzantine icons that are recognized worldwide for their immense cultural value. The museum’s exhibit depicts 1700 years of Byzantine art and architecture through the 25,000 ecclesiastical objects that have been gathered from sites all over Greece, the Balkans, Cyprus, Constantinople and Russia to create a fascinating all inclusive collection.

    After our visit at the museum, the next stop will be the church of Old Metropolis. This charming church is located near the new Cathedral. It was built in the late 12th century and it is dedicated to Virgin Mary and Saint Eleftherios while the ancient and byzantine bas-reliefs that were included in the construction of the church create an intricate architectural look. The new Metropolis nearby was built from 1842 and 1862 as the main cathedral of Athens. It is a domed church built in the neobyzantine and neoclassical style and holds a both religious and architectural value.

    Next up is the Kapnikarea church, a domed Byzantine church dedicated once again to Virgin Mary. The original building was constructed in the 11th century and still remains a beautiful architectural site. The Pantanassa church which is a three- aisled basilica built in the 10th century is the next stop of our byzantine exploration. The church belonged to the Monastery of The Assumption of Mary and gave its name to the surrounding popular district of Monastiraki. After walking through the flea market of Athens you will arrive to your last destination the church of Ayioi (Saints) Asomatoi. This cruciform church built in the 11th century is a great example of the subsequent Islamic influence that the islamic rule had on certain buildings.

    All these churches have been preserved through the centuries, defying the effect of human interventions and remain imposingly as the sole complete architectural landmarks of Byzantine Athens.

    Throughout our tour we will walk through the city’s streets and spot small Byzantine and Christian traces in the buildings of the capital while at the same time exploring how the general topography of Athens was greatly influenced by the byzantine and christian element.

    Together we will embark on this quest to delve into the Byzantine and Christian aspect of Greece’s culture and explore how through the centuries the religious element affected and shaped many sectors of human activities such as the architecture and topography of the country’s biggest city.

  • Entrance fees of Byzantine Museum
    General admission: 8 €
    Free admission: under 18 years old

  • Tuesday-Sunday: 09:00-16:00

    Monday: closed
    For security reasons, the last visitors may
    enter 15 min before the Museum closes.
    Temporary exhibitions may have different
    opening hours.

    1st January, 25th March,
    Good Friday (open: 12.00-17.00), Easter, 1st May,
    25th-26th December


If you want to explore the Byzantine and Christian Aspect of Greek Architecture allow us to introduce the ideal tour for you. Delve with us into the intricate aspect of the Byzantine and Christian Period of Athens’ Architecture and Culture.

Duration 4hrs

Private walking tours in Athens

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