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VIP Limousine Services

vipIf you are seeking for world class limo services, we can provide exactly what you need. We offer only the highest quality of VIP Limo services while respecting the desirable confidentiality and showing utmost respect towards the privacy that you may need. This service has been created in order to serve and fulfill the needs of people who travel for business, actors, singers, dancers, professional athletes, models but also everyone who wishes to enjoy the highest level of privacy in their transportation. Our chauffeurs are trained in providing VIP services and making sure that all your expectations are met. We combine luxury and comfort to provide all of our clients the most stress free transportation available during their long days of work or social engagements.

Security Services


security newAdditionally to our VIP Limo Services we can cooperate with security companies in Greece at your request if your profession or lifestyle requires. Together we can ensure that your transportation and stay is first and foremost secure, stress free and comfortable. Highly trained professionals will guarantee your security and during your entire stay our private drivers will also accompany you everywhere you need to be.




Helicopter & Private Jets

Helicopter Services


Upon your request we can also provide quick and effortless travel to the Greek Islands and other wonderful destinations that you may want to visit after your arrival in the Greek capital. Whether you are travelling for business, with family or just for pleasure you will save valuable time and reach your destination relaxed and ready for the next adventure that awaits you. You can determine the flight schedule that suits your travelling needs, decide of course where you want to go and whether you would like to organize anything else before, during and after the flight. This service provides a stress free scheduling experience and allows you to organize your transportation within Greece in order to visit as many places as you want and create the vacation that you have always imagined.


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