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Lousios Gorge Hiking Day Trip


  • The reference list of what you will see and experience during the Lousios Gorge Hiking Day Trip includes but is not limited to:

    • Corinth Canal
    • Hiking at Lousios Gorge
    • Traditional Villages of Dimitsana, Stemnitsa and Vitina
    • The Prodromou and Philoshophou Monasteries on the limestone rock formations or the Open Air Museum of Water Power
  • Meet your chauffeur at lobby of your accommodation early in the morning to leave for the Lousios Gorge at Peloponnese. We will drive westwards and you will have the chance to enjoy the magnificent Greek coastal scenery along the Athenian coastline. After 50min of an easy ride we will arrive at our first stop the enginnering marvel of Corinth Canal.

    After our 30minute stop on the Corinth Canal and of course after taking our time to snap some breathtaking pictures and get some rest on the nearby rest area café, your chauffer will drive you through the winding country local roads through olive trees, vineyards and orange trees that grow in abundance in the area. It will feel as if you stepped into the scenery that one sees only in artistic movies and documentaries.

    From there we will continue straight to Lousios Gorge. Lay back for the next 2 hours and enjoy the marvelous scenic beauty of Greek countryside till we will reach our final destination, Lousios Gorge.

    Lousios gorge is located in the area of mountainous Arcadia in the heart of Peloponnese and offers great opportunities for adventures for the nature lovers. The remote picturesque Stone villages Dimitsana, Stemnitsa and Vitina with their cobblestone winding paths staring at the gorge of Lousios are waiting -almost untouched- to be explored. The impetuous waters of the affluent Lousios create a gorge that reaches 5km and took its name from the river itself. In 1997 the Lousios gorge has been announced as “an area of unified archeological interest” and is under the protections of the Greek Ministry of Culture.

    Ideally visited during spring or summer, the magnificent Gorge provides an opportunity to step your foot in the beauty of Greek nature and explore its local flora and fauna. Follow the meandering rocky paths and you will see how the gorge is a shelter to small mammals and water creatures but also a nest for predatory birds. You can spent about 3 hours to explore the area and start your little hiking adventure.

    Your chauffeur will be waiting for you at the drop off point.

    At the end of your hiking adventure we suggest a break for lunch.
    This exploration would not be complete without a homecooked lunch in the traditional village of Dimitsana.

    At this point you can choose between the alternatives that the area offers to you and we can include in this tour.

    First option are the Monasteries that exist in the area. The limestone rock formations have served as a living space for hermit monks in the old times. This natural hideaway became a foundation for the monasteries named The Prodromou and Philoshophou that are lying to this day in the Arcadian gorge of Lousios.

    Or a visit at the Open Air Museum of Water Power where you can explore the basic pre-industrial techniques of water usage. A fulling-tub and a flourmill, water rolls, water saws, tanneries are only some examples.

    This tour is ideal for nature loving, modern adventure seekers since it combines the beauty of un-retouched nature with the accomplishments of modern civilization.

    At the end of the tour your chauffeur will drive you back in Athens.

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