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3 Islands Day Cruise

  • Even if your travelling arrangements do not include a journey through the beautiful Greek islands, you haven’t missed your last chance yet.

    We can arrange together an adventure that starts from Athens. We will pick you up wherever you may be staying and we will drive you to the port where you will join a once in a lifetime cruise. The cruise’s program includes hoping between three islands of exquisite beauty, Aigina, Ydra and Poros. You will explore these magnificent Greek islands, stroll through the picturesque pavement paths of Ydra, visit the temple of Athena Aphaia in Aigina but also the untouched beauty of Poros that has been thoroughly preserved by not allowing any vehicles on the island.

    Between your stops you will be kept busy by traditional folklore dancers who will perform on board while you enjoy your Greek feast at the cruise ship’s restaurant.


Let’s create your mini adventure to the Saronic Gulf and allow you to experience a shot of the Aegean Sea.

This cruise gives you the once in a lifetime experience to visit the three islands of Aegina, Hydra and Poros in one day.

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