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David and Joan Hansen, California, USA 2009

male-personDear Dennis:

Thank you so much for providing us with such a wonderful tour experience during our recent visit to Greece. We appreciated the way you promptly were there at the gate when we departed our cruise ship at the Piraeus port and the large Mercedes Limo was just great and most comfortable.

We really enjoyed listening to all the information and history you provided us during each of our stops and during the ride. If was very informative and educational. It was great getting to the Acropolis before all the crowds and we appreciated the way you drove us right up to the gate and were there promptly to pick us back up as soon as we were finished.

We loved getting to see all of the important sights around the town and learning all about both the history and the current situation in Greece. We particularly enjoyed learning about the “Citizen Dogs” that we encountered throughout the various sites.

We most highly recommend your services to anyone interested in visiting Athens and educating themselves on the history and sites of Greece. We enjoyed the entire experience and also loved having time to shop all over the Plaka and having you right there when we had worn ourselves out from all the shopping.

You personal attention to detail and making sure everything was just right for us throughout the day was just great and your pricing and the time we were able to spend was so much better than any tour we could have taken with the cruise line. Anyone visiting Greece would be well advised to contact Athens Limo as we are sure they will not be disappointed.

David and Joan Hansen, California, USA 2009


M: +30 6944294320