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The most common Greek dinning habits!

Starting with the time that Greeks usually eat, you should know that Greeks eat late! If you go to a restaurant before 9 pm, most likely it will be empty. Most Greeks will eat dinner around 9 to 10 pm. If they haven’t eaten a good meal for lunch, they may have a full meal. Younger generations usually eat their main meal at this time. It’s also the time Greeks go out with friends.

If a Greek invites you out for dinner or a drink, don’t EVER ask him to “split the bill in half” as Americans often do. Otherwise, your host might just snap the bill out of your hand and angrily pay it himself. Doing so is both embarrassing and insulting for Greeks.

When you go to a taverna, you should know that eating alone in a taverna is extremely rare, so a single person sitting at a taverna can wait a long time for the waiter to get his order. In Greece it’s very likely that a person alone is waiting for someone. And since waiters will find it impolite to ask for the order before all the guests arrive, diners might find it more difficult to get the waiter’s attention.

An other habit is the communal serving plates! Greeks often eat out of communal serving plates, so it’s considered normal in informal settings to spear your tomato out of the salad bowl rather than securing an individual portion. Sometimes in tavernas you don’t even get your own plate.

These are some of the most common Greek dinning habits that before going out, you should know about!

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