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Corinth Canal Cruise

  • Upon your request we can arrange for you to participate in a cruise through the Corinth Canal that lasts around two hours and cover your transportation from and back to the port.

    This service will give you a short but sweet taste of cruising in Greece and it can also be easily combined with other tours that we can provide in the area.

    Contact us and let us know what you wish to see and allow us to organize the perfect all inclusive schedule that you have always dreamed of.

    Additionally you can opt to visit the Ancient Corinth and convert this tour into a full day experience.


A great and unique alternative is to experience this cruise through the Corinth Canal, the engineering marvel that goes deep in the Greek history. Allow us to help you organize the relaxing sailing adventure you have imagined.

You can opt for the extention of this tour combining this magnificent cruise with a visit to the Ancient Corinth.

Duration approx. 5hrs (extended 8hrs)

One Day Cruises

3 Islands Day Cruise

  • Even if your travelling arrangements do not include a journey through the beautiful Greek islands, you haven’t missed your last chance yet.

    We can arrange together an adventure that starts from Athens. We will pick you up wherever you may be staying and we will drive you to the port where you will join a once in a lifetime cruise. The cruise’s program includes hoping between three islands of exquisite beauty, Aigina, Ydra and Poros. You will explore these magnificent Greek islands, stroll through the picturesque pavement paths of Ydra, visit the temple of Athena Aphaia in Aigina but also the untouched beauty of Poros that has been thoroughly preserved by not allowing any vehicles on the island.

    Between your stops you will be kept busy by traditional folklore dancers who will perform on board while you enjoy your Greek feast at the cruise ship’s restaurant.


Let’s create your mini adventure to the Saronic Gulf and allow you to experience a shot of the Aegean Sea.

This cruise gives you the once in a lifetime experience to visit the three islands of Aegina, Hydra and Poros in one day.

One Day Cruises

Private Day Cruise by Yacht

  • Vacationing by yacht is a very popular activity for foreign visitors travelling in Greece.

    The beauty of the Greek seas and coastline is undeniably unprecedented. You can enjoy a trip on the calm Greek waters, either on your own or on a chartered yacht.

    This would allow you to sail among the extremely beautiful Greek islands, visit inaccessible by foot golden beaches, swim in exceptionally clear blue waters, relax and take in the breathtaking views as you anchor in naturally protected bays of rare beauty.

    Upon your request we can contact a service that allows you to charter your private yacht even just for a day of sailing adventures. You can choose among a wide variety of yachts with a crew included and willing to pay attention to every detail in order to meet every expectation you may have and bring your ideal vacation plan to life.


If you want to experience the beauty of the endless Greek blue seas, swim in the crystal clear waters and enjoy the Mediterenean sun allow us to arrange the sailing adventure of a lifetime.

One Day Cruises

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