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Dear Guests,

Welcome in Greece, Welcome in Athens Limo.

My name is Dionisis (Dennis) Kokkotos and I would like to introduce you to our company. Athens Limo is a family owned and operated company based in Athens, Greece.

Our journey began 25 years ago, when my father decided to bring our entire family back to Greece from U.S.A. and start a new life here in our native land. His dream was to establish a business that would disseminate his passion and knowledge for the Greek Civilization, its history and art to the guests of Greece by delivering reliable, comfortable, unique and above all safe driving tours and transfers. It was then when he began driving his first car. His ambition, insight and sharpened mind led him to expand his services to the world of first class limousine services. After finishing my studies I decided to join my father in the touring-transportation business as an Athens chauffeur.

Since then my top priority has been to offer impeccable services and continue doing what I love most which is none other than introducing my guests to the rich culture of both modern and ancient Greek Culture following my fathers footstep. Along with my team I am dedicated in providing first class services at affordable prices for each and every one of our guests.

My promise to you is that if you decide to embark on a journey with us, whether it is a half day trip in Athens or a week long excursion around the country you will gain an authentic and memorable travel experience in Greece.

Our trade mark is affordable and customizable luxury which we offer throughout all our services.

Our ultimate goal is to create together an experience that you will both want to cherish and relive. The end of our tour will not mark the end rather than an excellent moment in time when we will both be able to wish each other “εις το επανειδείν” (eis to epaneidein) which is in fact the Greek way of making a small promise to meet again in the future. This promise will be our most precious and coveted reward.

Sincerely Yours,
Dionisis (Dennis) Kokkotos

M: +30 6944294320